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Valid from Sunday 26th March until Sunday 30th April 2017 (52 mb combined file)

ADVANCE INFORMATION SUPPLEMENT VERSION 1 – inc. changes from MAY 2017 link fixed 31/03/17



UPDATE 3rd MAY 2017:

To add to the Supplement, please be aware the X31 is still running (every 2 hours) to/from Milton Keynes. There are more changes towards the end of May and early June. The CBC timetable download here (including some not changing) should be read in conjunction with the Timetable and Supplement, until we get round to updating things completely.


Additional notes for the recent changes;

Service 34/35 will continue at Dunstable as Service X31 to Luton.

Service X31 MK – Dunstable (2 hourly) continues as Service X31 to Luton.





(Version from  1st / 22nd May 2017 to follow soon).


Maps etc. and Train Timetables will follow once updated, hopefully with an Index to Places  Served and Introduction section at least. A more detailed website will follow then.